Bladder Meridian: The Big Picture

In a Shiatsu session I was asked, “So what you are saying is that the Bladder Meridian* controls all the other Meridians?”  Hmm.  Was that what I was saying?  “Let me think about that for a moment,” I replied.  This was an interesting question because, as those of you who receive my Shiatsu Sessions regularly know, nary a Shiatsu goes by that we do not work on the all-mighty Bladder Meridian.  Why is that?

Here I was with twenty years of doing Shiatsu and I had just been presented with a distillation of my own thoughts that was about to teach me something about Shiatsu that I did not yet understand. 

My first response in exploring this question/statement was that the Bladder Meridian most certainly does not control all the other Meridians.  “Control” was not the precise word. But what was the precise word?  Hmm again. 

Then I had this realization: 

Because the Bladder Meridian is primarily associated with water and thus fluidity and flow (or the absence of them) I have come to call the Bladder Meridian the “Golden Energy River of Your Life*”.  Suddenly I realized that this could mean that the other Meridians are like the tributaries of a river that feed the parent river.  The eleven other Acupuncture Meridians feed into the Bladder Meridian.  Perhaps, I further pondered, the other Meridians actually energize the Bladder Meridian and allow our energies to flow freely in your boat* as we move down the Golden Energy River of Your Life. 

This perspective represents a powerful shift in my previous vision/version of the overall dynamic relationships inherent the between the eleven Acupuncture Meridians. It also is giving me a new window from which to view Shiatsu.  

If this material is a little confusing, please look to future postings for further explanations and continued exploration of this particular topic and others relating to the Acupuncture (Shiatsu, too)  Meridians identified by Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ).

Thank you for your time with me.  I value your presence here and look forward to your feedback and comments.

*   The Bladder Meridian is one of twelve primary meridians, mostly related to organs in the Human body.  The Bladder Meridian is an indicator of the dynamics of flow, fluidity, fear and faith in our lives.  The “Golden Energy River of Your Life” reflects the degree of flow in your life towards the destination of full-self expression. When I look at a person’s Energy River, I also look to see what kind of boat they are on as they move down their Energy River.  It could be anything from a raft (a la Tom Sawyer and Jim) to a large power boat with hands on deck!  The flow of the river and the nature of their conveyance down the river tell a story about where someone is in their life as relates to moving their life forward.


About HaraHarmony

Who am I? My name is Annemarie Marti and I have been practicing Shiatsu Therapy since 1987. During that time, my work has been enriched by meeting and working with many, many wonderful people. This work has allowed me many insights and perspectives on Shiatsu, healing, growing, self-expression and our relationship to our body and our planet which I now will begin to share in the Hara Harmony blog. The notion of being a healer came to me while I was in college and reading books about indigenous healing practices. In the mid-1970s I did not have a vision for how to pursue such a path and turned my desire to heal to our planet. It was not until the late 1980s that I found a way back, through Shiatsu, to my original desire to heal our bodies. As my journey with Shiatsu evolved, I began to see that there was a connection between healing our planet and creating vibrant health for our own bodies. The style of bodywork that I practice is called Shiatsu. Shiatsu is an Asian style of bodywork that evolved from the perspectives and teachings of Chinese acupuncture. Acupuncture brings to the process of healing, the concept of balancing, smoothing and rejuvenating the energies in our living, Human body. Shiatsu uses touch, no needles, to contact and move these energies called ‘chi’. In moving the chi, a Shiatsu therapist is able to help muscles to relax, the mind to quiet and well-being to return. My touch is firm to gentle~~you choose! We work together to create a great session for you where you feel refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. If you would like more information about Shiatsu or my practice of Shiatsu, please email me at:
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