What is ‘Access Bars®’?

5.5x5.5 170 mantra spinner
Saying the Access Consciousness® mantra 10/x morning & night gave me life with fewer glitches!

Access Consciousness® ‘Bars’ is an energy modality that involves touching 32 points on the head. Having my Bars ‘run’ twice four years ago changed my life. Because of these changes, I took the Bars class to be able to participate in community ‘Bars Shares’ to experience and learn more. Because of my experiences at Bars Shares I began to offer Access Bars to my Shiatsu clients. In my work with my clients, I found that the Bars provided a way to work more deeply with the energy in the body to bring about healing, joy and ease physically, emotionally and sometimes spiritually.

There is much to be said about Access Bars® though the best way to find out if you like it is to schedule a session or contact me about a free 20 minute taster. Many people know instantly whether they like receiving Bars. Others, like me (!) take more time to recognize the value of Access Bars®. If you are curious to learn more, let me know.