I have been receiving Shiatsu from Annemarie for many years and I was just elated after getting a session in the midst of moving and purging “stuff”.  She helped me through the feeling of loss from giving away and throwing out.  Annemarie’s sessions are enhanced be her understanding of the meridians system as it relates to present emotions and what’s gong on with your life.  Most sincerely,    Mr. LF, CMT

 As a Dentist I spend long hours over patients in positions that cause pain in my neck and back.  Annemarie fixes the whole person—physical, spiritual and emotions.    Dr. KC

I have been a client of Annemarie’s since 1995.  Over these many years, Annemarie has had an unerring sense of how to support me through happy and sad times.  In the treatment, she strengthens or calms the various energies flowing in my body.  Together we have solved over time bodily aches and pains caused by energy blockages.  Annemarie was particularly helpful to me when I felt internally shattered by the sudden death of my daughter.  She is always nurturing, warm and caring, and I always feel better after a Shiatsu.  My body just feels more integrated.    LM

I have known Annemarie Marti since 2001. My family persuaded me to have a massage as I had been a caregiver to various family members for a long period of time and it was time to take careof myself. It was recommended that I make an appointment with Annemarie who gave Shiatsu massages. I was not familiar with Shiatsu but I was willing to try it. After the first session I was feeling so much better that I could not believe a massage was so magical! Since that first session I have had many many sessions with Annemarie and they have all been amazing, pain, stiff shoulders, gall bladder problems, stress, tiredness have been eliminated. I introduced my family to Shiatsu. It has been beneficial to all of us. Annemarie is a gifted healer, compassionate about her work and her patients. Each session is amazing.

Just recently Annemarie told me about The Bars, which is a new energy process. She asked me if I would like her to incorporate this new process into the Shiatsu session. I agreed. Well, the combination of the two was incredible. Every Shiatsu session is amazing but the combination of the two was unbelieveable. I felt so refreshed and full of energy – a feeling I had not experienced for many years. At the next session I asked Annemarie just to do The Bars. She did. It was good, but I felt it was incomplete. Annemarie asked which of the two sessions did I enjoy best. My reply to her was that The Bars only session was lacking something. I told her it Shiatsu plus The Bars was like having been given a whole grain, but if it is just Shiatsu or just the Bars it would be like only having been given half of the grain. This new energy process plus a Shiatsu massage is amazing and I would encourage everyone to try it. You will be amazed at the results. Annemare always calls her patients shortly after a session to find out how they are feeling. After the first session I told her that I had suddenly realized I had no more pain in my back or shoulders (I had been taken care of a family member for a long time who had had to have a lot of support as that person was more or less bed ridden).

After the second session of just the energy process when she called I was able to tell her that I was sleeping like a baby each night – something that I had not done for many years. Thank you Annemarie from the whole family. You are an amazing person and healer. We are extremely grateful we know you and wish you continued success in all your new ventures.(I don’t want to use my name) Your International family“ Michigan

 It is wonderful having Annemarie in my life.  It is an invaluable thing to have someone in my  life who cares about my well-being.  For this hour, it is all about me, which the rest of my life does not support.  I become aware of my body and unconscious aches and pains and then the aches and pains go away.  It’s all about the self-focus.  This is the only thing in my life that gives me permission to care for myself.  For this hour I don’t have to worry about anything else and it is ok to do that.  I don’t think I would feel this way about anyone else.  I know Annemarie loves me.  Shiatsu helps me function better in my life, better dealing with stress, accomplishing things without feeling overextended. Annemarie empties out my stressmeter when it gets filled to the top.     BH

It was quite remarkable. The lightness. Nothing was bothering me when I left. The movement is so much easier. The lightness has continued.   V.S.

“I have been facing the challenge of neuropathy in my feet due to chemotherapy treatments for multiple myeloma, and have been searching for a way to counter its progression. After two shiatsu sessions with Annemarie, the neuropathy in my feet has been significantly reduced. I also experienced a sense of well being and relaxation. The positive effect of the Annemarie’s shiatsu treatments has shown me a way to maintain a good quality of life while on chemotherapy. Annemarie is a very talented healer, and I highly recommend her. EMR”


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