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Who am I? My name is Annemarie Marti and I have been practicing Shiatsu Therapy since 1987. During that time, my work has been enriched by meeting and working with many, many wonderful people. This work has allowed me many insights and perspectives on Shiatsu, healing, growing, self-expression and our relationship to our body and our planet which I now will begin to share in the Hara Harmony blog. The notion of being a healer came to me while I was in college and reading books about indigenous healing practices. In the mid-1970s I did not have a vision for how to pursue such a path and turned my desire to heal to our planet. It was not until the late 1980s that I found a way back, through Shiatsu, to my original desire to heal our bodies. As my journey with Shiatsu evolved, I began to see that there was a connection between healing our planet and creating vibrant health for our own bodies. The style of bodywork that I practice is called Shiatsu. Shiatsu is an Asian style of bodywork that evolved from the perspectives and teachings of Chinese acupuncture. Acupuncture brings to the process of healing, the concept of balancing, smoothing and rejuvenating the energies in our living, Human body. Shiatsu uses touch, no needles, to contact and move these energies called ‘chi’. In moving the chi, a Shiatsu therapist is able to help muscles to relax, the mind to quiet and well-being to return. My touch is firm to gentle~~you choose! We work together to create a great session for you where you feel refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. If you would like more information about Shiatsu or my practice of Shiatsu, please email me at:

Journey to Joy

Since the spring, I have been exploring the use of essential oils as a way to maximize life.  Never in a million years did I imagine I would be traveling this path.  Exploring the oils began tentatively with the background … Continue reading

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Protected: Access Experiment #1

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The exciting lightness of being

A fascinating Shiatsu + Bars session today.  Completing the Shiatsu, the hara (where I sense the condition of the acupuncture meridians or pathways) felt so much more harmonious than at the beginning of the session.  I then asked my client … Continue reading

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Are we energy?

Today I had a transformational experience of body energetics.  Wow. Wow. Wow. Today I realized that our energy has infinite capacity.  We are powerful energetically beyond anything most of us have conceived. As a 25+ year energy bodyworker, I have … Continue reading

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Why be aware of energy?

What if expanding our awareness of our Energy Bodies was a part of everyday life?  Could this alter our experience of reality and give us the tools to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges? What if everything, literally everything, is energy?  Lets … Continue reading

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Finding Your Body Voice

Giving our body a voice is a doorway to more ease and joy in our lives.  It is also a way of tuning in to our inner voice which can lead us to a smoother experience of life and protect … Continue reading

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Benefits of Shiatsu (+Bars)

Here is a short list of possible benefits of two energy treatments, Shiatsu and the Access Consciousness ‘Bars’. This is a short sampling  to illustrate the potency of these healing modalities. Depending on the needs of the moment and other … Continue reading

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Current Reflections on Shiatsu + Bars

Shiatsu + Bars has become so basic to my work.  Though a Bars session would be just fine without Shiatsu, a Shiatsu session would be less amplified without Bars.  Needless to say, adding Bars has been the best addition I … Continue reading

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Liver Meridian Mysteries

Shiatsu is a never-ending journey for me. Each person, each session, a new adventure. As the years go by, the meanings of the meridians clarify, as well as their relationship to one another. Long standing mysteries suddenly become clear. A … Continue reading

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Shiatsu+Bars~~An unexpected journey

As of November 2014, a new energy has become part of my work with Shiatsu. The process by which this energy is contacted is called ‘Bars’ and is being made known through an organization called ‘Access Consciousness’. Though I had … Continue reading

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